Magdalena Paukner

The glass maker Magdalena Paukner from the small village of Lindberg, born in 1985, is a representative of the young generation of artists in the glass scene of the Bavarian Forest. After completing her training at the renowned Glasfachschule of Zwiesel, she began to make a name for herself early in her career by participating in exhibitions and competitions. So it came to be that she was selected from 150 applicants to participate in the international project of the “Gläserne Gärten von Frauenau” (The Glass Gardens of Frauenau), otherwise dominated by prominent glass artists.

In 2008 she became assistant to the well known Cornelius Rèer in Nuremberg, subsequently obtaining her master craftsman's certificate in 2011.

September 2013 she took the step to independence as a self-employed glass artist.

Quote:” Es waren fünf gute Jahre in Nürnberg, die mich geprägt haben. Aber „dahoam ist dahoam” which roughly translates to: “They were five excellent years in Nuremberg, that molded me. But home is still home.”

This is in no way just a title for a television soap, but it says in short everything about being from the Bavarian Forest, or in other words a “Waidler”, with strong ties to home.

“Heimkommen ist etwas Herrliches! Ich taste mich jetzt langsam an die Selbstständigkeit heran, bin halb Bio-Bäuerin, halb Glaskünstlerin.”(Coming home is something magnificent! Being mainly a glass artist and also an organic farmer, I will gradually start the path of self-employment.

The young artist carfts from molten glass, benign, imaginative but also substantial works of art. Every piece is unique. Not only at the glass furnace but also with the glass torch, at engraving, grinding and sandblasting she shows the utmost creativity. Being surrounded by it, she uses nature as an inspiration for her creations, which makes Magdalena-Paukner-Glasschmuckkollektion so “natural”. On inquiry also custom-made articles are available.